Project Description

Project Brief

A common challenge for any organization is making an emotional connection with its constituents, clients, and prospects. Confluence created a video marketing campaign for a client that takes a significant step toward solving that issue, resulting in an effective and efficient use of marketing funds.

This video presents an authentic, professional way to emotionally connect his brand to prospects, clients and other attorneys.  The opportunity is otherwise unavailable without a visit to the office or outside meeting – all of which impact productivity and time away from revenue producing activity. Using an unrehearsed interview-style, the client is presented in an authentic relaxed setting.

All of our video is shot in HD and produced with an eye towards telling your story across multiple social and digital platforms. In a 45 minute video single-camera shoot, we captured the real person and avoided a contrived/scripted outcome, with enough material for multiple one+ minute videos. You can view the entire campaign here.

In a brief no-obligation consult, we can layout a project of similar scope for you, tailored to fit your budget.