Project Description

Sponsorships are valuable marketing platforms when they are strategic and thought out.  Community events are among the most difficult sponsorships to leverage. Frequently,  they are poorly conceived and lack coordination.  That’s where ConfluenceBA skills go to work for our clients, to overcome those deficits by recognizing and coordinating opportunities that are overlooked.  We can assist with PR, media relations, messaging, providing and producing relevant compelling video for the event and positioning our clients for optimal exposure.

In this case, a sponsorship for the Regional American Legion Baseball Tournament was available. We were invited to assist the host committee, just 60 days prior to the tourney in Alton, with promotion and sponsor value packages.  Unfortunately, previous sponsor promotional planning had fallen through the cracks and Confluence went to work to pick up the slack and donated our services to the top tier sponsor packages.

This Edison’s video, produced to be shown at the pre-tournament banquet, is an example of how we positioned our sponsor to tell their story to nearly 200 players, coaches, local, regional, and state government officials, high ranking MLB executives and military brass. Additional video was produce for Edisons and other sponsors to post and publish on their websites and social media.

The most significant value was to the American Legion host committee and their ability to save these sponsors for the 2016 event.  Without sponsors none of these events can happen.

ConfluenceBA can optimize your marketing impact in ways you’ve never imagined.  It all comes together, here.