Project Description

We seldom have the opportunity to tell our story.  When we do, we forget something important.  Most often it’s because people don’t want to take time to listen to us; we might take ramble on. Professional HD video, on the other hand, is a pleasure to watch and provides a concise and consistent way to tell our story in a non-threatening manner to the viewer/listener.

Most of the time stories have a message or a point to make and we can often miss the mark with our message when we tell it in person; we respect others time and rush through.   Videos tell our story in compelling vivid HD quality and deliver that message consistently with each viewing. The important marketing and business development benefit of video storytelling is its unique ability to be shared across multiple media platforms and downloaded from many environments.  It almost seems like a 3rd party endorsement when it’s viewed; revealing the 2nd most import benefit of shared video – authenticity. Sharing makes it easy to receive those endorsements and using videos as a preamble to a presentation is an effective way to provide visual and emotional impact to your message.

ConfluenceBA clearly understands the strategic value of video in all platforms and is skilled in telling your story in the most cost efficient manner possible. We bring it all together, here.