Project Description

Editor’s Note: This is a comprehensive presentation of an extensive project with the American Legion National Baseball Program. We’ve included this full study for your review and education.

“It was a real pleasure working with such professional and friendly people that truly care about the quality of their work. The results they produce are truly notable. Just a great team overall!”

-Matt McSparin, Owner, Edison’s Entertainment


Initially, for the purposes of supporting a community project; and later, to accept the challenge of being the first and the best to produce a once in a lifetime project.  Alton (2015) and Edwardsville (2016), Illinois played host to one of the American Legion’s 8 regional baseball tournaments.  Here is a recap of how it worked out in 2016…

Posted Date: 9/13/16, 5 weeks after the event.



Develop a full feature marketing communications event platform that speaks to all stakeholders: teams, sponsors, local and traveling fans, the local community, media, and American Legion National HQ during the 6-day event.

To address this challenge Confluence Business Advisors developed and managed the following:

  1. Full feature website:
  2. Multi-platform interactive social media communications experiences.
  3. Video Marketing experiences and sponsor fulfillment.
  4. All event marketing and sponsor communication.

Below we create a breakdown of each platform and how it enhanced the stakeholder’s experience.

1) Full Feature Website:


This is the first website ever created for an American Legion Regional Tournament. Developed completely from scratch and built solely for the 6-day event. With a year in planning and 4 months in development our team produced and managed a dynamic, interactive site, complete with the following functionality:

  • Ticket sales
  • Streaming video links of Champions Banquet and Championship Game
  • In-game results with CBS Sports Gametracker links
  • Sponsor video promotion and marketing
  • Social Media platform connections and coordination
  • Active blogging
  • Full event and team info

2) Interactive Multi-Platform Social Media Communication Experiences 


Built exclusively for this event, we prepared this platform for an intensive 7 days of connection with our stakeholders. We had an impressive engagement and interaction over a short period of time. This was the main platform for direct engagement with our audience.


  • Posting for 7 days actively generated:
    • 134K impressions, 1600 click-throughs, 5,063 site visits, 153 retweets.
  •  Our top tweet received 8,857 impressions


Built exclusively for this event, we prepared the Facebook platform for an intensive 7 days of connection with our stakeholders. While our Twitter platform created direct audience engagement, sharing, and connection, our Facebook platform serves as a way to preserve our event and keep it in front of our audience until the 2017 Regional. It was also the primary platform to connect with our sponsors, creating a mutual marketing experience.


  • Facebook Videos posted had 194 views and a total reach of 2,678 people.  The combined video exposure produced more than 1500 views from 18 videos over the 7-day period.
  • Top Post


YouTube: Confluence Creative

Confluence Creative, directed by Rick Vaughn, produced 18 videos and other multimedia pieces for this event. All produced in broadcast HD quality video. Complete stage and lighting was required for the banquet production and sponsor videos.

Our videos generated excitement, engagement, and promotion and receiving more than 1500. Check out our most popular productions:

Opening Ceremony Highlights

Final Pitch and Closing

Field of Dreams/The Alton Giant Vintage Baseball Team

Sponsor video, Bank of Edwardsville

3) Content Marketing Strategy

Our content strategy was aimed to create a unified message and build viewer synergy for the event. We used the website,, as our core message platform; everything we pushed out gravitated from it. We used our social media platforms to target our content distribution, which in turn created traffic to the site and residual views for all of our content.

The main page for all information about the event, was created here:

We created content through the following outlets:

  • Video production & marketing, online advertising
  • Online advertising, advance ticket sales & media coverage
  • Event marketing & cross-promotion

4) Video production & marketing

Video creates a real, emotional, connection with stakeholders. The content, media, and videos we produced by far got the most attraction on our social outlets. See below for more details about our video production and marketing:

  • See more on our YouTube channel HERE
  • Live streaming – collaboration with to carry player banquet and Championship game live online.
  • 18 specially produced American Legion tournament videos have generated 1500+ views and continues to attract viewers.

5) Online advertising, advance ticket sales & media coverage:

We worked with multiple sponsors to gain the most exposure we could for this event. We made the opportunity to purchase online tickets happen, along with the following coverage:

  • Multiple sponsor promotions also helped drive nearly 2500 local ticket sales, keeping the stands filled for host team games.
    • Our Grand Slam sponsors (and BIG thanks for all you did!):
      City of Edwardsville, The Bank of Edwardsville, Roberts Motors, Anderson Hospital,, Confluence Business Advisors, Edison’s Entertainment Complex, Scott Credit Union, Holiday Inn Express, Quality GMC

6) Event marketing & cross-promotion

Confluence Business Advisors worked with the American Legion Regional Tournament organizers and Edison’s Entertainment to launch the event and create strategic relationships for ourselves and others. See our collaborators below:

Matt McSparin was one of the main event organizers for this event. We worked with him to gather content for the site and marketing. Matt also held the tournament’s banquet at his establishment, Edison’s Entertainment.

  • First class venue – SIUE  

SIUE generously worked with us to hold this year’s tournament at their first class basebasll field. We worked seamlessly with Assistant Athletics Director – Facilities, Emily Skowron, to organize events and confirm tournament’s activities.

  • Sponsors collaborated with in-game activities for the kids and families all planned and coordinated by Matt McSparin of Edison’s Entertainment. He coordinated VIP and sponsor services on-site, in-game live announcements, courtesy transportation for tournament officials, and on-field First Pitch opportunities. See more of our sponsor collaboration here:
  • City of Edwardsville was the tournament’s name sponsor, which positioned the City perfectly as the host community.  Our platforms provide high profile promotion for their hospitality and attractions.

7) Results


The tournament was a complete success, with an attendance over 2500 and top grades from coaches, players, and the American Legion. In this 6-day period we generated excitement for all of the stakeholders and helped bring both a strong virtual component to the event.

“Confluence BA was a great marketing partner. They provided our Regional staff with the tools and resources needed to market in an ever changing, progressive market economy. The ability to put together the sponsor videos and to tell our story in the social media environment was a great resource and a tremendous burden lifted off the backs of our tournament staff. Thank you for all your friendly assistance with the Regional.” 

-Dennis Sharp, Alton Metro East Bears General Manager & American Legion Great Lakes Regional Local Director

8) Home Run

Confluence Business Advisors collaborative efforts helped produce one of the most successful American Legion Regional Baseball Tournaments ever.

  • CBA introduced new event management and marketing communications platforms connecting local media, fans, sponsors, and stakeholders together.
  • CBA generated a positive experience for travelers, teams, family and the City of Edwardsville, making all that we interacted with feel welcomed and cared for.
  • CBA created a model for all future regional events, as well as the national event.

It was a challenge, working with the limited funds, but through thorough, careful planning, and strategic collaboration, we produced an outstanding event.

The technology that CBA introduced to the event improved awareness and translated into more sales. Families and fans unable to travel with their team to the event were able to experience and share the event through video, social media, live streaming, and real-time in-game updates on the website.

Confluence Business Advisors has a comprehensive understanding and a diverse team of strategists, marketers, brand and business developers, and fresh concepts for community outreach. Our team will deliver compelling experiences that will leave your customers admiring and responding to your brand.

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