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It’s all about sales! Nothing happens until you sell something.

Confluence Media Network Launches With Two New Shows

ALTON, ILLINOIS – ‘What’s Next?’ For those tuning into WBGZ, 1570 AM/94.3 FM, at 6 pm on Wednesdays, they’ll hear new content in a different format. “What’s Next? is Small Business Radio and airs at 6 pm,” explained Ron Tanner, co-founder, Principal, and CMO of Godfrey-based Confluence Business Advisors. “At 6:30, Today’s Law with Patrick King [...]

ConfluenceBA Recognized by StL Media…There’s More!

Every business wants recognition and I am proud to share this link to an article appearing in December's St. Louis Small Business Monthly.  While I am the featured member of our team in this piece, it should be clear that the "Confluence Team" shares in this recognition.  Rick, Danielle, and Dave are absolutely essential to any [...]

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Lake Drive Logistics Launches New Web Platform

Confluence Business Advisors recently developed and launched an interactive web platform for Lake Drive Logistics. takes a significant step forward in advancing their core marketing capabilities and capacity. The internet is a huge market space with huge  potential impact. Creating this virtual platform enables a risk-free experience for vendors, partners, current and potential customers to [...]

Report says: Digital Marketing Skill Levels are Declining

Report Link - "The digital skills gap was illustrated in the report by 47% of U.S. marketers stating that even though their organization is involved in digital marketing, it isn’t very competent at it in practice." This report caught my eye, because we at Confluence Business Advisors see strong evidence of this phenomenon in nearly all [...]

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Confluence Event: Godfrey Facade Improvement Open House at Lake Drive Logistics

The video here features Economic Development Director, William Catalano of the Village of Godfrey, IL, as he launched the Godfrey Facade Improvement Grant Program. Confluence BA and Lake Drive Logistics collaborated to produce this event, which was hosted by Tim Kuebrich, President. Since the Village had not budgeted for this event, Confluence BA with our client Lake Drive [...]

Events & Workshops position you as a leading brand .

ConfluenceBA produces and leverages quality events to create image-building environments for you and your customers and position your brand as an authority within your area of dominant influence. We are glad to partner with Colleen Callahan and the USDA Rural Development Team to produce our Local Foods Conferences, held at area colleges and universities in Southwestern Illinois. [...]

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