How…my parents told me more than once, ‘It’s not what you say/do, it’s how you say/do it!’ The point, demonstrate mutual respect and benefit.  I try to never forget that and hope that you don’t forget it either.

Recently, a group of business people and I were honored as “People to Know in Southwestern Illinois”. That is my first such recognition and I’m trying to understand why I was nominated. What do I do, or have I done, to warrant this distinction by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly?

As a result of the publicity, many friends, colleagues, and associates have expressed their congratulations, noting that I was deserving. I am truly grateful, because at 63, I am much closer to the end of my career than the beginning. You want to believe that your work is worth it, right?

My career is rewarding, and the era I’m in right now may very well be the most important. The first 23 years was spent in advertising sales, where the results must prove worthy…immediately. I quickly realized that client relationships (and their businesses) live and die on the success or failure of my advice and campaigns. Clients are investing in you and you must return well on that investment (ROI). If the ROI isn’t favorable…well, you know how that story ends. I’ve experienced those endings; we all have. Today, the ROI is consistently better and the value is always high.

How + Why…practicing the HOW principle was a natural platform to perform my work with purpose.  When you care about those that you serve with as much (or more) resolve as you do yourself, you learn to deliver unexpected value, even when the financial ROI may fall short of expectations.  I take great pride in delivering value beyond expectation and teach my clients how to do the same. If you take care of the client, personal rewards will follow.  Below is a marketing message describing what we do, but the point that’s missing is the how and why.

Confluence Business Advisors is a single source small business consulting team. Our services prepare your company or organization for growth, sale and/or transition to new ownership, repositioning for changing markets, or to restore a damaged reputation. Our deliverables include:

Strategy and Planning, Business Development, Communications, Digital Content,
Web Development, Video and Event Marketing, Training and Education.

Hire an experienced TEAM, for the price of a part-time employee!  Online at

How + Why = Value + Trust…the message sounds good, right? There are many that do what we do, but few deliver with our respectful manner and common purpose, which adds up to Value and Trust. Value and Trust are the emotional triggers and core components of all our success. Here’s how: 1) They inspire and motivate people to choose to do business with you; 2) They create the space and latitude we all need when things don’t go as planned. You may call it forgiveness or a 2nd chance.

I cannot say enough about the Confluence BA Team; they share this recognition 100%.  We all work hard to demonstrate these principles to each other, our clients, and our collaborators. If I take care of them, they take care of me.  This lesson speaks to the communities we serve and those that follow us.  It is incumbent upon us to leave it better than we found it.  This lesson will work for you, too.  We’d be honored to show you how.


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