Confluence Business Advisors recently developed and launched an interactive web platform for Lake Drive Logistics. takes a significant step forward in advancing their core marketing capabilities and capacity. The internet is a huge market space with huge  potential impact. Creating this virtual platform enables a risk-free experience for vendors, partners, current and potential customers to interact and learn more from each other.

A common challenge for any organization is to effectively manage and communicate its brand expression in a digital environment. This website is a relevant and professional tool, from which all brand messages can be presented and responded to…risk-free by the user.

Below, ConfluenceBA Creative Director & CCO, Rick Vaughn, captured a compelling view of the company’s facility, proximity to interstate and rail access, and versatility.  Use of video continues to dominate the list of marketing platforms experiencing exponential growth and effectiveness. LDL continues to position itself for growth in a fast-paced industry.

ConfluenceBA will work with you to plan and organize your content to position your brand with a clear voice and compelling message. All of our websites are versatile, dynamic, progressive, capable of expanding and contracting, with a library of highly functional plug-ins.

In a No-Cost, No-Obligation consult, we can assess your project and prepare a concept brief tailored to fit your budget and targeted objectives.  If you need or want help with your planning, contact us HERE.

To contact Tim Kuebrich or Kathy Gress at Lake Drive Logistics, click here.