VIDEO MARKETING…is it a “must have”?

The article that inspired this blog reveals a more important question; should or do you have a marketing strategy or plan?  

Confluence produces a lot of video content, so you would think our answer would be…”ABSOLUTELY”…right?  Not so fast.  The significance of the question requires us to put “must have” in to the proper perspective.  Your plan should include a video platform(s), but it is a tool…one of the many tools in your marketing plan.  Each designed to deliver a strategic message, in a strategic manner, to a well defined audience.

Video, like photos and now, because of smart phones, is ubiquitous.  Video is powerful; even TV as we know it is feeling the pressure of video platforms everywhere you turn. It’s becoming commoditized. Which raises even bigger questions

  • how do or should you employ it?
  • what is your content?
  • to whom are you speaking?

That takes us back to; should or do you have a marketing strategy or plan?  

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Check out the article and decide for yourself.