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“The digital skills gap was illustrated in the report by 47% of U.S. marketers stating that even though their organization is involved in digital marketing, it isn’t very competent at it in practice.”

This report caught my eye, because we at Confluence Business Advisors see strong evidence of this phenomenon in nearly all of the small businesses and non-profits we encounter and/or engage. So…

What does that mean to you and us?

Two things:

  1. Invest – Equip your organization through hiring or training your team to gear up; this takes time, but is the ideal solution for a sustainable marketing and business development effort.


  2. Invest – In a consulting team that can step in to your situation, optimize your digital communications platforms, upgrade the quality of your content, develop a strategy, and train your team to follow and manage your protocols going forward.

Either way you must invest.

The most important investment that is most glaring with small business is the lack of planning; regardless of their success or lack of it.  When you combine these two phenomenon, there is no path to sustainable growth.

The Confluence Team can help you, not only catch up…but get ahead!

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