I’m excited to share this blog, because I have experienced both sides of this story.  Success and Failure.  I like to think that I’ve failed forward; learning and applying those lessons the next time around.

This week Confluence Business Advisors published a new case study on the results of our biggest project to date – the 6-day American Legion Great Lakes Regional Baseball Tournament. It was a mighty collaboration with Dennis Sharp, Local Tournament Director; Matt McSparin, Owner of Edison’s Entertainment and Co-Director; Patrick McGinnis, former AL Coach and Banquet/Ceremony Director; Julie Ziino, Administrative Liaison of the USACE, St. Louis; David Ollenbittle, Master of Ceremonies; and Derrick Ater, American Legion Tournament Director and his team.

We each had our separate plans within the framework of the master-plan. ConfluenceBA was charged with Marketing Communications and Media/Public Relations. Our 4-person team produced tremendous results that raised the bar for our delivery outcomes and expectations going forward.

Our Plan(s) enabled us and our associates to visualize our expectations and provided the path to successful collaborations.  Was it perfect? No! Could we have done it better? Sure…with more money, people, and time.  Sound familiar?  The reality…play the hand your dealt…and win with it!  From our perspective, I think we not only won, but played well too.

Tell us what you think.  In the meantime, take a look at what happened at the 2016 American Legion Great Lakes Regional Baseball Tournament in Edwardsville, Illinois, August 2nd through 7th.

View our American Legion Regional Baseball Tournament Case Study HERE.  If you need or want help with your planning, call on us