In this case, The Louis Michael Trio – comprised of two community college music professors and a high school music teacher, is transformed and transported into the world of professional entertainment with our multi-camera HD quality video recording, staging, and lighting productions.

Business can be like dating. If you don’t impress at every touch point, especially before meeting for the first time, chances are you won’t.

Why risk a bad impression of your brand…ever? Like that dating profile, if you don’t have a hot looking picture and a well written, authentic presentation, you may well miss out on your soul mate.  Transform yourself!

Confluence Creative’s professional video production ensures that you put your best foot forward. It captures the essence of your projects, telling a compelling story of your brand and creating the perfect environment for the buy-in…before you even meet.

Confluence Creative and Bluff City Productions have an extensive portfolio of live, multi-camera HD video and event production experience – from community theater to lighting design for world tour concerts.

Regardless of the size of your project, or the technical complexity, the Confluence Team will deliver an experience for you that will leave your guests admiring your brand.

You can view the entire campaign HERE.

It’s time to transform and transport your brand to a new level of respectability.

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